Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tank repairs?

RiftZoneAquatics Aquarium Repair.

Vancouver & lower mainland BC $30.00 per hour,
need glass, aquarium safe silicone? I have everything
to get the job done right! Please Call 604 671 4927
for more info.

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Updated Stock List

(WC) Enantiopus Melanogenys "burundi"
(WC) Callochromis macrops "ndole"
(WC) Tanganicodus irsacae "burundi"
(WC) Eretmodus cyanostictus "makombe"
(F1) Tropheus moorii "chipimbi" 2
(F1) Gnathochromis permaxillaris Tanzania
(F1) Callochromis macrops "ndole"
(F2) Cyprichromis leptosoma jumbo "kitumba"
(F2) Cyathopharynx foai Copper "Karilani"
(TR) Cyphotilapia frontosa "burundi"
(TR) Tropheus moorii "maswa"
(TR) Neolamprologus leleupi
(TR) Neolamprologus brevis ''Katabe'' sun spot

(F1) Champsochromis caeruleus
(F1) Buccochromis nototaenia
(F1) Stigmatochromis pholidophorus
(F1) Fossorochromis rostratus
(F1 )Protomelas spilonotus "liuli"
(F1) Aulonocara maylandia sulphur crest "luwala reef"
(F1) Pseudotropheus polit "lions cove"
(F2)Stigmatochromis pholidophorus
(F2)copadichromis mloto (virginalis) fireline "gome"
(F2) Lethrinops lethrinus
(F2) Cynotilapia afra orange back "cobwe"
(F2) copadichromis mloto "chisumulu"
(F2) Aulonocara stuartgranti neon blue "undu"
(F2) Aulonocara jacobfreibergi red shoulder
(F2) Aulonocara korneliae "chisumulu"
(TR) Aulonocara "otter point"
(TR) Aulonocara "Mamalela"
(TR)Sciaenochromis fryeri *Iceberg*
(TR) Labidochromis caeruleus *true* yellow lab
(TR)copadichromis azeurus (VAF)
(TR3) Protomelas taeniolatus red empress "namalenge"
(TR) Tyrannochromis nigriventer
(TR) Aristochromis christyi

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's been a while since..........

Well I've been very busy lately with all the new fish, it's been a while since I posted anything new here. I will be updating the blog soon. Keep a look out!
Thank you.

Stigmatochromis pholodophorus male, I have fry 1.5-2" available. Rare fish...get em while you have a chance!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Current List Of Stock & Breeders.

WC Tanganicodus irsacae "Burundi"
WC Aulonocara maylandi sulphur crest "Luwala reef"
WC Altolamprologus compressiceps "Kasanga"
F1/G1 Aulonocara korneliae blue gold "Chisumulu"
F1/G1 Aulonocara stuartgranti blue neon "Undu reef"
F1/G1 Copadichromis mloto "Chisumulu"
F1/G1 Copadichromis mloto fireline "Gome"
F1/G1 Aulonocranus dewindti "Burundi"
F1/G1 Protomelas sp. Steveni taiwan "Taiwan reef"
F2/G2 Lethrinops lethrinus
F2/G2 Protomelas taeniolatus red empress

F1/G1 Mylochromis laterastriga
F1/G1 Champsochromis caeruleus
F1/G1 Protomelas spilonotus "Liuli"
TR Placidochromis phenochilus

TR Copadichromis azeurus
TR Sciaenochromis ahli Iceberg

TR Lethrinops lethrinus
TR Protomelas taeniolatus red empress
TR Sciaenochromis ahli Iceberg
TR Labidochromis caeruleus
TR Aulonocara maylandi sulphur crest
F2/G2 Aulonocara sp. red shoulder

F2/G2 Maylandia aurora
F2/G2 Pseudotropheus long pelvic zebra
F2/G2 Cynotilapia afra "Cobwe"
F2/G2 Aulonocara korneliae blue gold "Chisumulu"

F1/G1 Aulonocara maylandi sulphur crest "Luwala reef"
F2/G2 Aulonocara korneliae blue gold "Chisumulu"
F2/G2 Copadichromis mloto fireline "Gome"

TR Copadichromis azeurus
TR Lethrinops lethrinus

Please see: for complete list & prices.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Customer feedback

Rift Zone Aquatics is a reliable source for great quality African Cichlids. We breed & sell only the best quality available. When placing an order with us we guarantee all specimens arrive alive & healthy, we also strive to make placing your order as hassle free as possible. DOA's will be replaced on your next order /or 100% cash refund. Here's what some of my customers had to say. "I personally use Clayton's services at Rift Zone Aquatics. His fish are excellent quality, I've never seen such gorgeous fish! He's also amazingly talented at getting some of the more 'hard to find' species I set my mind on which pleases me greatly!"

Aleesha "Clayton, I was impressed with the quality of fish that ya sent me. It was a smooth transaction from the get go, and I never got the impression that I that I might not receive my fish. I have made alot of orders, both domestic and internationally that have been stressful. You treated me as a valued customer, and I appreciate that! The fish are doing awesome. I will be back for more breeding groups. Any mailing list available?"

TTYL, Marcus

More feedback available @ Those of you who are not members will have to join the forum. See you soon...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Deciphering fish terminology?

Describing African Cichlids in generation terms.


WC - Wild caught
G1 - First generation from Wild caught
G2 - Second generation from Wild caught


FO -
Wild caught
F1 - First generation from Wild caught
F2 - Second generation from Wild caught

Anything after the described would be classified as Tank raised. TR

The steps for treating bloat successfully

I am going to go over the basics for treating fish that are not eating...Weather the fish / fishes are bloated or not. I am going to discuss two methods. The first treatment is a 100% natural & the second is using meds. Typically I have great results using the 100% natural method, but some cases are stubborn & meds must be used. NOTE: At the first sign of fish/fishes not eating they should be removed asap, quarantined & treatment started. The first sign is the best start treatment!

1) Epsom salts. (100%.....No other additives)
2) Large water changes over a period of about 1 week.

Step one: First things first..... Set up a quarantine aquarium using 50% of the water from the tank the sick fish came from & 50% newly treated water from your tap / water source.
Step two: Remove the sick fish / fishes and transfer them into the quarantine aquarium for
Step three: Add 2 - 3 tablespoons of Epsom salts per 5 gallons of tank water. You will be adding Epsom salts according to the full gallonage of aquarium. (If you have a 135g, treat all 135 gallons) 54 - 81 tablespoons of Epsom salts for a 135 gallon.
Step four: Do not feed the fish at anytime during the Epsoms salt treatment, you will have to wait until the complete treatment is finished. I do mean...NO FOOD!
Step five: Water changes will take place every second day for six days & will be as follows.

Day one: Do a 50% water change & add Epsom salts to replacement water.
Day two: -
Day three: Do a 50% water change & add Epsom salts to replacement water.

Day four: -
Day five: Do a 50% water change & add Epsom salts to replacement water.
Day six: -

Step six: The fish should be wanting food at this point, feed small amounts until you work back to regular feedings. (Epsom salts will be used throughout full treatment & all replacement water) NOTE: My fish are used to 50% water changes, I do 50% approx. Every 5 - 6 days. If you only do approx. 30-40% then I would do the same throughout the treatment or you may shock your fish & possibly lose fish/fishes.


1) "CLOUT"
The treatment with meds is the same as the natural treatment but you are now adding a medication called CLOUT, if you can not find "CLOUT" look for a med. That has Metro as a main ingredient. This treatment is to be done the exact same way as the Natural method but you will use the Meds only if the Natural treatment fails. I have had great success using my method of natural treatment & have saved many fish from the clenches of death! Bloat can be kept out of your aquarium by following a strict water change schedule with weekly changes of up to 50%. Correct stocking numbers & feeding is another factor that cannot be over looked. I
highly recommend feeding a food called New Life Spectrum. Great food with great results! Best of luck & enjoy your Africans!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Aulonocara sp "Undu reef"

Copadichromis sp. azeurus

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Specializing in Exotic African Cichlids

Aulonocara sp. "Undu reef"

Aulonocranus dewindti "Burundi"

Tanganicodus irsacae "Burundi"

Protomelas sp. "Taiwan reef"

Placidochromis electra / aka Deep water hap

Protomelas sp. "Taiwan reef"

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